“A few years back, Steven Soderberg’s remake of the Rat Pack flick Oceans 11 exploded onto screens with such gleeful confidence and self-assurance in its pacing, direction and performances that it was almost impossible for one to dismiss it as "just another movie." The film moved like a bullet, traveling a semi-worn plot guided to a bulls-eye by sheer charisma. Jesse Cowell’s $2000 comedy feature Shades of Gray does the same thing, only without the likes of Soderberg, Clooney, Pitt, Roberts, and Damon. A rapid-fire comedy that could very well be the funniest movie this reviewer has ever seen at the no-budget level, Cowell’s Shades of Gray is a shot-in-the-arm for Microcinema comedies, a bar-raising, consistent laugh-inducer that’s as shockingly confident and assured as its cleaned-up Hollywood cousin.

While I find the vibe coming off Shades of Gray to be more reminiscent to the Oceans 11 remake because of its ensemble cast and break-neck pace, many will find the dialogue to be somewhat Clerks-flavored. While the vulgarity runs high, I’d argue that it’s well-placed, and unlike Kevin Smith’s gem, the dialogue in this piece propels scenes forward almost as fast as the editing and wonderful camera moves. If this is Clerks, it’s that movie with more diversified, interesting characters and a camera that actually gets off the tripod.” Read more...


"This is one of the funniest damn movies I have ever seen. And I am not talking indie, I am talking movies period. This one can hold its own against any movie.   Many films have good direction, and decent acting, but combine that with some outstanding camera use and you have a great movie. This one has all of that." Read more...
“This is one hilarious tale of friendship, betrayal, and sex. What else does it need? Oh yeah, did I mention that this movie in general kicks ass? Obviously taking a page from Kevin Smith’s book but he also has much more to it. While Kevin Smith likes to keep the story in one place as much as possible and focuses on dialogue, this movie really moves around. There are a lot of prop gags and just all out great dialogue as well. 9/10!” Read more...
"The excellent acting, the great editing with perfect pacing along with the depth of the characters, their relationships, and all their little personality quirks all add up to an amazingly good and highly enjoyable film that's full of laughs and crazy situations. You definitely don't want to miss this great film.” Read more...

“Ok here’s the thing, I've been watching a whole lot of films from this site and commenting on them. I've said a whole bunch of them are awesome, and they were, but this has to be the best short film series I have ever seen! I thought it was awesome, as a matter of fact its better than awesome! And I’m not sure what that is. 10/10!”

“The editing in the opening sequence is exhilarating, to say the least. It set up beautifully what would prove to be the most fun I've had watching a no-budget indie film in a long time. Bravo to these filmmakers for doing such a great job. If this doesn't prove your capabilities to the world, nothing will. I'd say it's a fine piece of work.” Read more...

“I'm inspired. Just goes to show that it doesn't matter how good your equipment is; it matters more if you know how to use it.”

“Enjoyed the film very much! Watched it all the way through and my wife kept asking what I was laughing at while the rest of the family ate dinner. The story had me hooked unlike several big budget features I paid $10 to watch this summer.”

“Absolutely great!-- great storyline, shooting, and editing! This is one of the best independent "real low budget" feature acting adventures I have ever seen!”

“I'll throw money, sign a petition, whatever. I'd love to see it released to a wider audience.”

“Just rewatched the opening scene. Greatest. Thing. Ever. 10/10!”

“Man I love this film! I have been running all over our campus with a camera for a while now and Shades of Gray shows the caliber that can be reached and is truly inspirational! I’d love to show it to my film class and show them what a good film really looks like!”


“Just finished watching Shades of Gray and I thought it was f#%kin' funny!”

“Wow. You guys did a bang-up job! Kudos! I'm really REALLY impressed."

“Very good. My Mom and I couldn't stop watching after the first chapter.“

“I FRICKEN’ LOVED THAT! Very funny and well thought out. Laughed my ass off.”
"Dude, that was literally the funniest movies i've seen in probably about a year."

"If I was a movie producer/promoter, I would have to put this one on the big screen. Best movie I've seen all year."

"Well written, and well acted. I applaud everyone who had any part of making this film."

"Seriously, the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I was so not expecting that. An extremely great and original idea on your part and I love you for that."
“This is a really kick ass, well-made movie!”
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