"My Best Friend...is a Homo!"
"Hey, look! Chubby's gotta Chubby!"
"I'm coming for you Fatboy."
"Man- can she cook like a Mothaf**ka!"
"Don't worry fatty, it's natural."
"F**ked her!? I didn't even know her!"
"I swear I never touched her."
"It's not my culture!"
"One plus one plus one equals - gay!"
"Other spanish s**t"

"Argue with Linda...Check!"
"No, your name is Street Whore!"
"This is my life"

"Dude, he f**ked his mother."
"You ran."
Linda: "Where's that little Maricon Eric?"
Ali: "Dope"
Ali: "I think you cool man"
Guy's Mom: "Are you HIGH?!"

"Do you want me to be angry?"
"You're going to play by our rules, ok?"
"It's not that he's evil, he doesn't think."
"Maybe they were in love"
"Ahhhh! My shake!"
"That's just...wrong dude."
"I'm always the one to defend you."

"It was a meow fest"
"Meow meow meow, f**ker"
"Meow motherf**ker, meow motherf**ker"
"Who hasn't looked at their cat?"
"Your little black book"

"He's getting ready to make his move"
"I f**king knew it"
"Let's just send the f**king book!"
"Let's just send it, man"
"Pushing me...and pushing me"
"What?! Who else f**ked her?!"
"What if this guy f**ked my girlfriend?"

"I told you he was a disgusting mothaf**ka"
"I ain't seen shit"
"I knew I seen that motherf**ka"
"I seen the mothaf**ker"
"You could always smell a mothaf**ka"
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